Well this is the 5- 6 week since I have had all of the mark-up tools start 3- 5 inches away from my mouse pointer. So my charts look like a spray painted slum wall. Not even the trash can is anywhere near the things I want to delete. This is the one year anniversary  since I asked for a "copy and paste" function on my trading charts with a blank column I could name anything. Foot in mouth

So how did I cough up these irrational requests?  Well, every trading page, or guidance portfolio site out there, FOR FREE is giving these services away.......OH DID I MENTION FOR FREE???   AND MARK UP TOOLS AND TRADING PATTERNS FOR free............psst,  for free friends, as apposed to $900 + a year.  But IBD column on brilliant business icons, seduces me to HOPE THAT IBD WILL ACTUALLY USE one of the 10 BRILLIANT STRATEGIES TO BUILD BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS. But, alas, these strategies must pass with the light, through the ears of Quality Control. You see, since its in IBD, I have been thinking that this company would actually be reading these concepts, implementing  them adroitly, rather than functioning like Walmart when it was staffed by Zombies on welfare and stocked with "Certified Crap" from China, China, Vietnam, Shri Lanka, China or stuff from the bottom of New York's sewage settling pools. Amazon got it.Money mouth

So like a warm, nieve puppy, I eagerly wait to get fed trading tidbits from the hands of those CAN SLIM gurus. How in the world can sooooooo many brilliant business analysts, incisively  identifying really successful growth companies, not run their own company so smoothly???????  HUH?......because, I suspect, they forget that sales and earnings are 1.) flat out theft or 2)these companies are satisfying their customers.....or 3) .of course, being  too big to fail works: pay off the politicians, transfer 98% of "our fellow American's" wealth, while they flail the skin off their Customers, whom they have stealth fully  transformed into products/data (dairy cows come to mind): commodities which they sell, without their owners permission.(Prohibited in the 2nd or 3rd paragraph of the Original Draft of the U.S. Constitution.

Well, IBD Guys, the secret of Netflix's positive disruptive exponential growth.........is, (whispering now), they charge a lot less, they give what they say they will, they are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.  They give more, for less, they give it now, they get their product to their customers how, when, where and now!   Their Customers are more powerful stakeholders than their Board of Directors or their stockholders!!!!!!!!!!!  While TWC, Comcast,are just baffled (of course,when you ask the question: how can we keep ripping our customers off; but make it look like they are in charge, instead of: "what do our Customers want, when they want it, how they want it, and give it to them  before they think of it."). The former model is  loosing 250,000 subscribers a month; however T-moble and Netflex are tripling that  number of new subscribers with double and triple quarterly growth numbers.

My God, IBD people there are hundreds of free WOWIE charts that are 100% more interactive, and which have rediscovered excels trick of putting columns anywhere,  and they allow you  load thousands of trading variables or  invent your own mathematically, in real time on their beautiful and personalizable charts. MOST come with portfolio management free services, and their alerts arrive faster than flash crashes, in your face and relevant to your watch lists. So, can we just start with the point on my Mouse arrow draw a line exactly where that point appears........and all the other mark-up tools. Please