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02/11/2016 03:25 PM

MarketSmith in Chrome HTML
by mike64 (0) Joined on 09/23/2015 Posts: 1

My MarketSmith of the new HTML worked just fine on my Chrome 48.xx browser for a couple months, until a few weeks ago. I can open it using "Open Charts", but once it is open, no data appears. My account is fine because I use the iPhone app all the time.  Please help!!

Mike Adamson

02/20/2016 08:02 AM

Re: MarketSmith in Chrome HTML
by laurent1jacquot (0) Joined on 01/31/2016 Posts: 1

As it happened suddenly, I would first clear the browser cache including the Local Storage in case if it is a client side application issue. If it doesn't solve your problem, I would reinstall chrome.