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01/05/2017 09:05 PM

Related Information Panel
by bressler (0) Joined on 01/19/2014 Posts: 1

Hello -

I'm new to MarketSmith.  I can't seem to open the "Related Information Panel", no matter where I click. Interestingly, when I click on it, it seems to open very slightly - but that's all. Any ideas?




01/10/2017 05:00 PM

Re: Related Information Panel
by Petro_Drlg_Engineer (1385) Joined on 06/18/2010 Posts: 235

Just attempted and it's working for me at present.

Simply hover over the words "RELATED INFORMATION", and the text changes from White to Grey.

Single left click on my windows mouse, and the panel opens.

Is it changing colors when you put your mouse over it?

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