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03/08/2017 08:22 AM

Alerts not working today
by SM000 (1195) Joined on 12/05/2010 Posts: 183

While doing a routine check of my ready-list mid-morning, I discovered to my horror that some of them had crossed above my trendline alerts but no alert had popped up!! (i.e. the stock was ABOVE the trendline alert but in the left-hand alert panel, it showed as still being BELOW the trendline, and no alert popped up in the top right alert function either).

There have also been outages fairly recently.

While I understand that outages and issues will occur, why does MS not send out an email about it? Not knowing that the alerts weren't working is very annoying, I'd have appreciated knowing so I could manually go through the lists near the open!!!

MS, send out an advisory email please when issues occur!!