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03/08/2017 08:27 AM

Logged out when I switch to Ipad
by SM000 (1195) Joined on 12/05/2010 Posts: 183

Why do I have to log in almost every time I switch to my iPad? I have not turned it off in the interim, its snoozing and as such, maintains other programs open. So why does MS insist on a p/w even though in some cases just a few hours have passed since I last used MS on the iPad?


04/02/2017 01:20 PM

What IPAD with MarketSmith and full charts support
by paul27 (0) Joined on 03/02/2017 Posts: 1

I am getting ready to purchase an IPAD, to keep an eye on stocks and charts, when traveling.  Will the latest IPADs fully support this entire platform?


Thanks,  Paul

04/08/2017 07:08 AM

Re: What IPAD with MarketSmith and full charts support
by nick.gehler (0) Joined on 05/28/2010 Posts: 1



You must use the MarketSmith app on the iPad. I use it on a 9" iPad Pro and In many ways I prefer it to the web app. It is easier to read and navigate.


Does it support the entire platform: The mobile app has most but not all the web app functionality. I recommend visiting a store with iPads, downloading the app and trying it out. Also watch the, MarketSmith Mobile: Using MarketSmith on your iPad App, webinar and download the documentation.


This might be helpful: My workflow is to use the web app on the weekend to build and arrange my idea lists, make annotations and download lists. I then use the mobile app to evaluate the stocks, move them between lists and set alerts. During the week I use the mobile app on both my iPad and iPhone. Everything syncs and the subscribed lists, like the MarketSmith 250, are accessible.


I hope this helps.