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11/27/2012 04:01 PM

by amerm712 (20) Joined on 02/23/2012 Posts: 1

Hi signed up for esignal but in the marketsmith tool it is not giving the option to login under setup?

Using a mac, tried, firefox, firefox aurora, chrome and safari and all the same.

11/27/2012 04:49 PM

Re: esignal
by MARKETSMITH (12090) Joined on 06/14/2010 Posts: 948

@armerm712: There is normally a delay in processing the entitlements from eSignal that at times can reach up to one hour. Please close your charts, sign-out of MarketSmith and then sign back in. Once the entitlements have been passed to us from eSignal, the option to enable the real-time feed should appear in the settings menu. If you need further assistance, please email