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Stock Guide Winter 2017 Edition
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This past year has given investors quite a ride. In January the Dow had a particularly dismal 10-day trading period marking one of its worst starts in history. The markets fought to recover and by mid-summer began a new uptrend. A move to new highs as the year came to a close was miraculous.

A post-analysis of 2016 is important as investors look to refine and update their trading strategies. In January with oil prices falling and a fear of rising interest rates, investors sought the safety of gold and mining stocks. As the economic news settled down, summer brought us some IPOs with sizeable winning moves. After November’s election surprise, construction and banking stocks began strong moves to help drive the markets to new highs. Despite different flashpoints throughout the year, there were tradable rallies that could be identified using sector rotation.

Our Winter 2017 Stock Guide provides a checklist for your investing post-analysis, illustrates how looking at sector rotation this past year pointed to winning stocks, and discusses the importance of locking-in gains on the upside, while a stock is still advancing. The stock screens provide comprehensive lists of the top stocks and industries of 2016.

There are numerous opportunities in the market every year to capture profits from winning stocks. Only by understanding the ones that got away and staying up-to-date with current market action can you ensure you’ll capture the next big winner.


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