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02/14/2017 07:59 PM

Stocks Up/Down on Volume
by rhamlin (10) Joined on 06/03/2010 Posts: 3

I have been keeping track of "Stocks Up/Down on Volume" since at least November 2015.  Since then, SP5 and NASDAQ are each up about 15% - 16%.


During that time, maybe  300 trading days, I have counted only about 30 days in which more stocks have increased on volume than decreased on volume, about 10%.  Does anyone out there, MS or elsewhere, have any thoughts on what this discrepancy means?


  • Is this a contrary indicator?
  • Is this indicator signaling a long period of topping?
  • Does this indicator mean anything at all?
  • Why does MS include this indicator on its landing page?



R. Hamlin

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06/14/2017 11:42 AM

Re: Stocks Up/Down on Volume
by ferrisbeuler (40) Joined on 07/09/2010 Posts: 14

That seems off to me.  Obviously money was moving into stocks to move the market higher in that time but just not enough to make the screen and appear on the list.  That would mean that institutions are being sneaky when they buy, trying not to draw too much attention but that when they want out they just sell as fast as they can.  Being in this market and owning some of those stocks that get sold fast and hard I can definitely attest to that.