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02/14/2017 07:59 PM

Stocks Up/Down on Volume
by rhamlin (10) Joined on 06/03/2010 Posts: 3

I have been keeping track of "Stocks Up/Down on Volume" since at least November 2015.  Since then, SP5 and NASDAQ are each up about 15% - 16%.


During that time, maybe  300 trading days, I have counted only about 30 days in which more stocks have increased on volume than decreased on volume, about 10%.  Does anyone out there, MS or elsewhere, have any thoughts on what this discrepancy means?


  • Is this a contrary indicator?
  • Is this indicator signaling a long period of topping?
  • Does this indicator mean anything at all?
  • Why does MS include this indicator on its landing page?



R. Hamlin

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