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03/21/2017 02:55 AM

Buying on high volume
by muz_norton (0) Joined on 11/01/2016 Posts: 3

hi, just have a question about buying on high volume.I normally don't get to watch the market so i just put my limit and stop orders in on stocks i like and get filled (or not) regardless of volume.

the other day i had time to watch the opening, there was a stock i liked going up nearing a buy area on heavy volume so it looked the perfect time i got in, i did, then went to bed (i'm not in the states), when i got up and checked my account, the stock i bought was down on big volume.

so my question is if a fundamentally sound stock you like is nearing a buy area on big volume, do you get in as i did, or are you waiting and looking at the daily volume at the end of day the problem i see here is although my price reversed and went the other way on big volume , on another occasion the price could keep going and your sitting there watching it get extended and out of buy range.